Reservation terms & conditions​


You and the hotel agree to the terms and conditions of the room rental. The name of the company that runs the hotel (hereinafter referred to as ‘Gammeleksgården or ‘The Hotel’) and with which the agreement is concluded, is stated in the booking confirmation. Unless a special agreement is concluded, the following rules apply. Special rules apply for conferences and group bookings.



A booking is binding once it has been confirmed and you have received a booking reference number. You may receive this verbally, in writing, or through our booking system. When you make a booking, you must state your name, address, email address, arrival and departure time, and payment method. It is important for you to provide your email address so you can receive your booking confirmation.

Different terms apply to different rates and the hotel is entitled to apply different kinds of rules such as reservation fee or credit card guarantee in order to secure the reservation. In order to book a room at the hotel, you must be 18 years of age or older. If you book a room for a minor, you are responsible for that person, whether you stay in the room with the minor or not.



The hotel room is at your disposal from 3:00 pm on the day of arrival. On your departure day the room must be vacated by 12:00 noon. The hotel is entitled to apply exceptions on check-in and check-out times stated above. For safety reasons, only checked-in guests are allowed on private premises and the maximum capacity per room may not be surpassed.

The room will be reserved for you until 4:00 pm on the day of arrival unless no other agreement has been made at the time of reserving or if the confirmed rate or reservation period does not include any other special terms. In case of arrival after 4:00 pm you can guarantee the reservation with a credit card or other method specified. Otherwise, the hotel can release the reserved room for sale after 4:00 pm.

In case you arrive to the hotel according to the arrival time agreed and the room you have reserved is not available, the hotel is liable to arrange you an equivalent room without extra charges.



Unless otherwise agreed at the time of reservation, our hotel maintains a strict no-refund policy. Any agreements made during the reservation process or any special terms included within the confirmed rate or reservation period do not alter this policy.

In case you fail to arrive without cancelling your reservation, the hotel is entitled to charge equal to the first night’s stay including taxes and possible additional services per room to your credit card.

If the hotel has incurred expenses specifically associated with your booking, you are obligated to cover such expenses.



Early departure before the agreed day must be informed to the hotel latest by 4:00 pm on the day before. If your reservation is for several nights, the hotel is entitled to charge you the full amount for the whole stay. Early departure before the agreed day may also cause changes in the room rate confirmed.

Contact the hotel and notify them about your departure. If you stay at the hotel for an indefinite period of time and extend your stay on a night-by-night basis, you must notify the hotel of your departure by 18:00 the day before your departure. Otherwise, you will be required to pay an extra night. If the hotel does not have any rooms available, the hotel shall inform you of this no later than 18:00 the day before you have to leave the hotel.



We accept the most common credit/debit cards. Please be advised that we do not accept payment in cash. The hotel is not obliged to accept credit and debit cards, cheques, vouchers, or foreign currency unless agreed upon.

In case the reservation has not been paid in advance it should be settled upon arrival at the hotel by credit card. When reserving a room the hotel is entitled to approve and charge international credit cards. A reservation fee may be charged to the credit card as a prepayment. This will be deducted from the final bill. If the hotel has not made an approval for prepayment from your credit card, the hotel is entitled to require a deposit for additional services such as minibar. The amount of deposit may vary among hotels, being the total deposit sum between 50-150€.



We follow good manners and hotel rules at the hotel. In case of breaking these rules, you may be immediately removed from the premises. In such cases you are still obliged to pay for the accommodation and additional services ordered. You are not eligible to claim a refund for payments already made. For safety reasons, only checked-in guests are allowed on private hotel premises such as hotel rooms and the maximum capacity per room may not be surpassed.



As a general rule, your valuables may be kept in the hotel. The hotel can store your valuables upon request. Do not leave valuables or luggage unattended in the reception when checking in or checking out, having breakfast, or waiting for a taxi. For security reasons, the hotel is under no obligation to store items of high value or items that could jeopardize the safety of our hotel staff or guests. The hotel is not fully liable for any items you keep in your room or in the luggage room. In case the items you wish to store are exceptionally valuable you must notify the hotel before storing. The hotel may refuse to store this kind of valuables.



Our hotels have non-smoking rooms. If a guest violates the non-smoking rule, the hotel has the right to demand payment from the guest for any costs arising thereof.

As a guest you are responsible for damage caused on purpose or by accident by you, your guest in the hotel room or in hotel premises. This applies also to the hotel furniture and other equipment, other guests in the hotel or their property. The responsibility for caused damage is determined by general principles.



Please note that we currently do not have a pet policy in place. This means that we are unable to accommodate pets of any kind in our hotel. We appreciate your understanding in this matter and ask that you arrange for your pets to be cared for elsewhere during your stay with us.



Always familiarize yourself with emergency exits, alarm switches and fire extinguishers. See the instructions posted on the wall next to the door of your hotel room.